Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Montale: Black Aoud

Can it get any more glorious? This is probably Montale's most talked about, and easily their "signature" of the Oudh line.

Rose, Oudh, Patchouli. Is it difficult to imagine that something as straight-forward and uncomplicated as this could turn out so beautiful? Well, our Middle-Eastern friends have probably been using and creating similar fragrance structures for ages. It is no wonder why this is a winning formula.

Black Aoud opens with an effortlessly smooth blend of Rose and Oudh. You'd expect the oudh to be medicinal, pungent and very prickly, but it isn't, unlike a couple of other Montale Aouds. The rose is what Black Aoud is built around. A sweet and lush rose, without all that cloying matter or powdery thickness. The sandalwood and patchouli give the oudh-infused rose a milky and earthy-textured dry-down.

The scent does not come across as overtly dark as its name would suggest, but rather goth-gone-bright. I find Black Aoud to be completely versatile to wear. Formal, casual, what have you. Did I say this lasts forever on skin too? Yes it does. This coming from a longevity-whore.

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