Friday, June 25, 2010

S-Perfume: S-eX

I was happy to return from my short vacation to Malaysia, and find S-eX waiting for me in the mail. The first impression I got when I smelled it: Ozonic Leather. What an odd play of accords! S-eX smells mineralic, salty, airy, and slightly animalic. Unsurprisingly, a metallic accord further stamps the "ozonic" impression it gives me.

Being quite of a leather fan (with huge expectations), I must say that I am quite impressed, albeit S-eX is a rather thin and almost transparent composition.

You might find S-Pefume to be a rather obscure house, and to my knowledge, they only have 3 scents in their line-up, but, you can rest assure that they aren't creations of some budding or aspiring perfumer. Christophe Laudamiel is a name behind a couple of high profiles scents, and you just need to google his name, to know you are in good hands.

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