Friday, June 11, 2010

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier: Parfum d'Habit

I've been hearing good things about Parfum d'Habit (both the vintage and the current formulation) since I started on my fragrance obsession a couple of years ago, but never got down to trying or sampling it. I decided to pull the trigger on a recent deal I saw on a (current formulation) bottle, that was just too difficult to resist.

It would be easy for one to associate this with powerhouse masculines. To me, it is a rather well-behaved masculine. It isn't overly bold or opinionated.

PdH opens with a resinous green accord that is a little acrid and sourish, like soggy wood and leaves that have been soaked by rain. There is also a very blatant "cosmetics/foundation powder cake" accord (probably iris?) engulfing the entire scent at this point.

The musk and leather give it thickness and body, while the sandalwood and amber sweetens in just the right proportions. The patchouli counts for most of the earthy/soil-y make up.

I think of PdH as rather refined for a "macho" scent. Gentlemanly, bold, with a face of an old-fashioned charmer.

At some point, I would love to compare this with the vintage, but hearing how many actually find the current to be an "improved" version, I am not so much in a rush, for now.

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