Friday, June 11, 2010

Keiko Mecheri: Musc

There are days I just don't want to be bothered by olfactory mayhem. Days I just rather have my skin lightly scented, not perfumed.

Musc is the epitome of the "skin scent". It is extremely low-key, but easily fools with its "stealth" sillage. The first time I wore this, I was thinking to myself: I MUST BE ANOSMIC to almost everything Musc is made with. It was a little worrying, but I was quite prepared, having previously read some comments on the subtle character of this scent.

A little hasty, afraid I might miss something, I put my nose straight to my skin seconds after spraying, and the alcoholic blast numbs my senses a while. I take a few clean breaths, and attempt to sniff it again, and immediately identify a very ethereal, cardboard-like amber accord, lightly sweetened by a minute dose of tonka/vanilla. Each time I put my nose to my skin hoping the scent might speak to me more, it does just the opposite, eluding me more each time. But, throughout the wear, when I'm not trying to sniff and figure, I get constant pleasant whiffs of a scent that reminds me of skin that's just gone through a shower. Light, clean, breezy, extremely pleasant. The soft and almost seamless transition to the lovely and quiet white musk & sandalwood base is perfect (which mind you, goes on to last a good 8-10 hours).

Surprisingly, I felt extremely satisfied from that first wear (and subsequent ones), even though I never felt like I was wearing any fragrance the whole while.

It is easy to dismiss Musc you would imagine. But I find it absolutely fascinating how it exists as a linger, without having to make any statements.

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