Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Montale: Sliver Aoud

This would be Montale's sole(?) interpretation of the classic fougere. Typically, the lemon and bergamot dominate the opening of the scent, while the herbal, aromatic qualities of lavender join forces to create that familiar scent of the "80s" (or earlier).

While I do not distinctively detect a whole lot of oudh, there is a very blatant muddy accord that surrounds Sliver Aoud, that I suspect might be a facet of the elusive oudh.

As the citrus top starts to peel away, the sweetness of geranium/rose take on a more central role, and pretty much stays on for the entire wear.

I wouldn't think of Sliver Aoud as anything original or successfully innovative. The classic fougere genre is well-represented by many more prominent and defining icons. Silver Aoud would sadly blend into oblivion in this vastness.

Uninspiring, and redeemed only by a solid backbone of technical construction.

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