Saturday, August 21, 2010

XerJoff: Nio

If all you care about is getting from point A to point B, it probably matters little whether you are driving a Volkswagen or riding on a Greyhound coach. But others who look for a more engaging experience may prefer the looks and the smooth assured handling of a BMW roadster.

XerJoff Nio is clearly for this latter group. It breaks no new grounds with its delightful rendition of a spicy green woody aromatic but if you're looking for the best of its class, Nio is probably right up there. It wears very well as a classy Mediterranean-styled masculine. And the more I tried it the more I grew to love it. I never thought I'd say something this crazy but this fragrance might just be worth skipping lunch over the next 3 months!


neroli, Calabrian bergamot, cardamom, nutmeg, pink pepper, green leaves, cedar, guaiac wood, Haitian vetiver, Indian patchouli, amber.

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