Monday, August 23, 2010

XerJoff: Modoc

USD 7 per ml? Outrageous! If you expect to be instantly 'wowed' by this scent, you're in for some disappointment; you're probably the wrong fit for the XerJoff lines anyway. But fret not, give it a little time and I'm sure Modoc will win you over with a masterclass in understated elegance.

On my skin Modoc projects modestly at first but as the warmth radiates through I smell something lovely wafting around the room - a subtle blend of iris, soft citrus and amber, edged with the bitterness of artemisia and earthy vetiver roots. Up close I also detect something akin to cedar and sandalwood even though these are not listed as notes. It may not be the most compelling of compositions, not by a long shot but it is certainly one of the smoothest and natural-smelling. Fans of subtle understated fragrances should give Modoc a try even though it seems a little too safe, lacking the distinctive qualities of Nio or even Dhofar.


lemon, orange, artemisia, Fiorentine iris, orange flower, vetiver, vanilla absolute, amber, musk.

*photo courtesy of jrd4t*


  1. D, I've been reading your Xerjoff impressions with much interest! I don't know... they are outrageously expensive. The bottles also don't look like my kind of thing, aesthetics-wise. But Nio, seems to have your approval and I'm trying hard not to explore Xerjoff for fear of actually falling for any. Nio, will be something I might look into! Good reviews, keep it up. :)

  2. Thanks, Matt. I too am not a fan of the bottle design nor the exorbitant prices. The ones I've tried smell good but fall short in the longevity dept. Anyway the samples are probably too small to form anything more than first impressions.