Saturday, July 31, 2010

Etat Libre d'Orange: Vraie Blonde

Woohoo! I mean does this house ever get anything wrong? (Please don't ask me about Secretions Magnifiques, another story for another time) Well, maybe I've been really up for quirks and odd balls of late, and ELDO just seems to fit the bill more appropriately than any other house (Parfumerie Generale is a worthy peer). I think of ELDO scents as very much bottled "Artistic Statements", THAT by the way, still maintain a very high level of wearability (again with the only exception of SM).

So I was reading Turin's review (and yes we know he's been quite generous in rating quite a number of ELDOs)on Vraie Blonde quite a while ago, and was very taken by the mention of "Champagne". Well maybe I've been living under a rock, but I've yet to smell a fragrance that truly smelled like champagne, or was at least close. So anyways, I decided to pull the blind trigger on VB and received it a over a week back.

Good news.

It does smell like champagne. In fact, the effervescent opening champagne accord is quite spectacularly realistic. The accord is accompanied by the very soapy texture of aldehydes. The imagery of "Foam" fills my mind - soft, foamy, creamy and peachy.

If you try this with an open mind, I think you may be quite impressed by how much perfumery has grown and how much notes and accords have been created to push beyond what is imaginable (until you smell it). ELDO seems to be spearheading such movement, and they will always have my full support.

Thus far, I've enjoyed the technical precision, and structural clarity of ELDOs, and how they make "Artistic Statements" wearbable. Being quirky, fun, and attention-grabbing need not be an over-the-top affair, it can be done with refinement and class.

Two-thumbs up and A TOAST to ELDO.

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