Thursday, May 12, 2011

Serge Lutens: Chypre Rouge

This is Chene candy-edition.

To enjoy:

1. You must like the smell of oak.
2. You must like the smell of the saturated, medicinal sweetness of gummy bears (it is REALISTIC).
If you haven't tried Chene, never mind, just try Chypre Rouge, and you'll get a rough picture. :)

Between them, I reach for Chypre Rouge more often... not surprising for a sweet tooth. On this note, I recommend that fans of CR, give Parfumerie Generale's Cuir Venenum a try, for a diabetic dose of fruit jam. The cuir remains elusive, if any present at all.


  1. I tend to find lots of candy notes in most Serge Lutens, especially notes from weird Swedish types of candy that most people (except a few fellow Swedes) won't have a clue about what they taste like. But I really like that they are there, some childhood memory thing I guess, making me feel happy :)

    I haven't had any wish to try Chyphre Rouge before, but after reading your review, I do :)

  2. Veeeery interesting fragrance! It reminded me on Kilian...because of olfactory journey... ;) I love oak a lot, if you can distinguish notes very well, Back to Black has it a lot despite of honey!

    If you wish...I opened my new blog, you can follow it here If you like ;)