Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amouage: Memoir Man

"Resonating the fragments of a memoir, this woody and leather fougere fragrance is inspired
by the sombre mood of an existential journey.
Both alluring and philosophical, this fragrance defies conventions and moves beyond sense and reason."

- quoted verbatim from

For once, the copy despite its grammatical error, can hardly be accused of superfluous hyperbole. Having worn Memoir Man over a couple of days I found it to be a well-behaved gentlemanly fragrance with some pseudo-philosophical underpinnings based on a backstory that leaves plenty of gaps for the fertile imagination to fill. Clever marketing, huh?

Another aromatic fougere this may well be but its artistry is a delight. In particular, the pairing of absinth and mint to herald the arrival of a lavender heart showcases the work of someone who truly knows her stuff. I enjoy this prologue lot, as brief as it is bittersweet, mildly camphoraceous yet hardly medicinal. The accompanying frankincense adds warmth and character but retains a wispiness that allows a mildly barbershoppish fougere accord to radiate right through. Nice but nothing outstanding. Or so my thoughts go. But as Memoir Man hits its strides, I find myself held spellbound by the rhythm of its pulse - the ebb and flow of the basenotes as they warm up on my skin, delivering subtle whiffs of musky woods one moment, creamy vetiver on soft leather in another. Genius! How anyone could deem it a linear scent is beyond me though I suppose a bad case of cold on a review day could throw a spanner in the works.

Like Dia Man, Memoir Man is on the quieter side of Amouage, its sillage seldom venturing further than a foot, but when it speaks, it is with the thoughtful words of a seasoned veteran rather than the prattling of a brash upstart. This is definitely not a scent designed to impress the impressionable crowd (hint), but it is this same cool, self-assuredness that makes it a winner in my books...or should I say 'future wardrobe'?

absinth, basil, mint, rose, frankincense, lavender absolute, sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, amber, vanilla, musk, oakmoss, leather, tobacco.

Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men

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  1. I'm glad you beat me to this. This is probably one of my favorite ones because (as you implied most artfully) it's easier to wear and not too challenging. It's got this slight tingly/invigorating effect to it. Love this review, it is everything I wanted to say but couldn't. Thanks, much appreciated, D.

    Mini note: I'll be back in full action hopefully not too long later. Been slowed down considerably by my little break from exploring. Just need to recharge (both mind and funds), and take a small step back to attend to some areas in life I have unknowingly and/or intentionally neglected. A huge thanks for your faithfulness, and generosity in contributing, D.