Friday, August 20, 2010

Montale: White Aoud

It is amazing how so little this one is brought up/given a shout-out/reviewed compared to her more prolific siblings. Amazing because White Aoud stands no less in quality, substance, and general appeal, than the likes of Black Aoud, Red Aoud, Blue Amber, Oud Cuir d'Arabie etc.

Before you go: "Oh not another Aoud variation". Let me say that this one is no surplus to any of her siblings or cousins.

Of course, in no truer Montale Aoud fashion, White Aoud (also ordered in extra perfume concentration) opens with the gushing, muddy pungency of oudh, sweetened by a silky-smooth, syrupy rose, and inevitably garnished with some spices, most prominently saffron.

To give it body, a thick, warm amber cloud gives White Aoud the much needed support and overall form. The powdery earthy sweetness of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli are let loose and allowed to seek equal attention at the front, slowly pushing the oudh presence into semi-oblivion. They start to form an accord that is present in a handful of other Aoud variations (most notably in Black Aoud).

This rich floral amber will leave no room for any other olfactory distractions while she's performing. This one, like any bonafide Montale, has longevity and sillage made for the greedy.

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