Friday, August 13, 2010

Bond No. 9: West Side

"Cream Rose"

I will avoid discussing the inspiration of this scent since I am neither acquainted nor interested in why or how this could smell like homage to Jazz music.

Bond no. 9 scents are (in)famously known to be derivative concoctions, (I'm sounding harsher than I meant to be)bearing only one aspect of a niche trait - Price. I'm not highly enthused to explore them extensively, but every now and then, I chance upon one that I just click with.

West Side is a rather simple, clean and soft scent. Under most circumstances, stereotypes and associations, this one might just steer a little more to the girl-y side of things.

It opens with a light and creamy rose + vanilla + sandalwood combination. It comfortably sheds the floral notes as the first hour or so passes, and the main program of creamy and smooth sandalwood and vanilla starts to run its course. I seem to notice a plastic-y/chemical-y accord in West Side, though not in any negative sense. I actually quite enjoy this aspect.

In the ending phases, soft musk which has always been around, starts to reveal its role in the comforting, soapy-clean silk veil over my skin.

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