Monday, July 26, 2010

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier: Parfum d'Habit

By DiamondFlame

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I did not encounter the 'macho behemoth.' Perhaps my decision to dab this on rather than have it sprayed on might have something to do with it; on my skin, PARHUM D'HABIT blossoms wonderfully like the fragrance equivalent of 'tall, dark and handsome'. It is masculine and resinuous, with a just touch of birch tar-like leather but there is also something fresh and outdoorsy about its profile which I attribute to a judicious use of high-quality frankincense.
I have a somewhat tricky relationship with sandalwood and have had to give up sandalwood-prominent scents like Heritage and Egoiste but here the sandalwood is well-blended, lending a smoothness without raising its own signature note. The restraint in the composition is indeed remarkable. But projection is first rate so wear it lightly or the scent wears you instead.

Notes: bergamot, patchouli, amber, frankincense, leather, sandalwood

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