Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parfum d'Empire: Equistrius

Er, no, the scent has nothing to do with horses.

At first whiff, the thick and fruity iris is almost an over-kill. But let it settle for a while and you will notice how the steamed rice accord compliments and amps the doughy smell/texture of the iris, pushing the fruity accords slightly into the background now, but still borrowing the fruity sweetness.

Interestingly, a rather briny/salty accord reveals an ozonic dimension to Equistrius, and I really quite enjoy this addition here. All this is built on a powdery and smooth sandalwood base that it eventually dries down to.

Iris is one of my favorite notes, and I suspect my expectations can be a little higher when I meet an iris-centric fragrance. Equistrius definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

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